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Friday, November 12, 2010

An utterly ridiculous posting about LOTR

The recent news that director Peter Jackson will be taking the reins of upcoming Hobbit movie has gotten the Demon thinking about how books eventually end up as movies. Clearly, the LOTR movies benefited greatly from Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). Ironic that a movie about such an ancient time could only be rendered by the most modern of technology, eh?

The first book in the LOTR trilogy was published in 1954. But what if (and here comes the ridiculous part of this post) Tolkien had published it much earlier, say in the late 1920s? One could imagine the first LOTR move being made back in the 1930s with stars such as Clark Gable and, who knows, even WC Fields! 

Here are two screen capture from this movie. (Note: The graphics may look amateurish; it's simply my attempt to painstakingly recreate what the special effects would have looked like for a movie from the 1930s)

Clark Gable as Aragorn as he speaks to
the troops before the Black Gates of Mordor

WC Fields plays Gollum!
A note to readers of this blog: it's okay to groan!


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