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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Much Awaited Sequel to Despereaux!

Desperadeaux: Being the tale of a Mouse, Billy the Kid,
Some Vigilantes, and a Pocketful Full of Gold Coins.

This eagerly awaited sequel to Despereaux features Desperadeaux, who is none other than the nephew of Despereaux. Unlike his uncle, Desperadeaux finds himself bored with the provincial ennui of Europe, the self-absorbed inanity endemic to those of royal blood and the seemingly never-ending arguments about how to make the perfect bowl of soup.  What’s more, he’s doesn’t understand why Despereaux thinks unrequited love is the best thing since sliced croissants.

Fortunately for Desperadeaux, the New World beckons!  Following a harrowing boat ride across the Atlantic (suffice to say, scurvy was the best thing that happened on that voyage!), he makes his way West to New Mexico where he meets none other than Billy the Kid. The famous outlaw is a man of many and massive faults, but he recognizes in the diminutive varmint a talented gunslinger. He tells Desperadeaux, “You might have the littlest gun in the West, but you got the quickest draw!”  In no time, the rodent’s hardscrabble demeanor and deadly aim endears him to Billy and his gang.

            “Reckon you and me are gonna do some serious wreckin’ round here,” says Billy as they saddle up for a foray into town.

            “Oui, pardner. Oui!” murmurs Desperadeaux with a rueful grin.

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