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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

YoSimile Sam

Yesterday's post featuring a segment from the TV show Schoolhouse Rock! has fueled my imagination. I am now envisioning a short feature entitled, YoSimile Valley. It would follow the adventures of an irascible character named YoSimile Sam and his sidekicks, Hyphenated-Harry, Eleanor Rigmarole and Metaphorically Speaking Mary.  Of course it would have a catchy theme song with lyrics that go something like this:

            He’s sharp as a tack and smart as a fox,       
            Fit as a fiddle, strong as an ox,
            Floats like the butterflies, stings like the bees.
            He’s right as rain and fresh as the breeze,
            Eats like a horse, is hungry as a bear,
            Free as a bird, light as the air.
            He’s old as dirt and proud as a peacock,
            Stubborn as a mule, solid as rock,
            Tough as nails,sound as a bell.
            He’s as large as life and deep as a well,
            Wise as an owl, cunning as a rat,
            Merry as a cricket, calm as a cat.
            He’s fleet as the wind and straight as an arrow,
            Old as the hills, silent as a shadow,
            Gentle as a lamb – he’s the one, the only, YoSimile Sam!


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