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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If Cujo and Toto traded places

What if Cujo, of Stephen King fame, and Toto, Dorothy’s companion, were to trade places? Let’s find out!

Cujo in Oz:
A murderous, rabid St. Bernard terrorizes Oz. The Wizard tells Dorothy, “forget the damn Witch of the West, kill the dog instead!” Dorothy cleverly lures Cujo to the Deadly Poppy Field where the canine’s fury is overcome by the sedative effects of the plants. The beast is toast, the munchkins are happy and Dorothy returns to Kansas only to realize what a crashing bore Aunt Em and Uncle Henry really are.

Toto in Castle Rock, Maine:
Toto has been a lot of places (such as Kansas and Oz) and seen a lot of unusual things (including flying monkeys and a walking, talking tin can), but something about the town of Castle Rock really creeps him out. Perhaps it is the 1958 red and white Plymouth Fury, with no driver behind the wheel, which is trying to run him over! Toto wakes to find he’s safe and sound in the SPCA shelter. It was all a bad dream!  


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